Mary Payne Bolton Guest House Palm Beach





The guest house needed to be a four bedroom house; the problem was that the two acre lot was largely covered by historically designated and protected “old growth” stands of very large Altissina and Benjamina Ficus trees.  The solution required a compact floor plan which recalls the earliest shingle-style houses built nearby and named “Figulus I and II.”

The Guest House serves as a dormitory for the owner's children and grandchildren.  Children bunk areas are located on the ground floor while adults find repose in two suites on the second floor.  Both floors have decks and porches facing the prevailing winds.

The ground floor also includes a living room with a traditional fireplace and cabinets designed for display of the family's African objects which have been collected over three generations.  A small kitchen and dining area is provided to accommodate guests when the main residence is closed during off seasons.

Owner: Mary P. Bolton

Project Architect: Kenyon C. Bolton III Associates Cambridge, MA

Project Designers: Niccolo Casewit, Michael Fox

Project Date: 1988-90

Remarks: Published in the Palm Beach Post

Project Reference: Mary P. Bolton c/o Tim Bolton 156 Brattle Street Cambridge, MA  02138 (617) 547-4440

Project Statistics: Total net floor area is 2,815 S.F., exterior porches and decks are 1,320 S.F.  Total cost is withheld by owner.


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