An integral architecture is humanistic at its essence…

Founding principals Niccolo Casewit, AIA, along with Kenneth LaGreca, P.E., Arch., combine their multi-disciplinary expertise to create design solutions for residential, commercial, mixed-use, civic and institutional projects.

Niccolo Casewit , AIA, is company founder, principal architect, planner and director of architectural design. He takes the lead role in integrating a diverse team of design and engineering consultants, builders and artisans. Licensed in the practice of architecture in Colorado , Casewit enjoys orchestrating architectural compositions for residential, commercial, civic, and mixed-use projects. He is an active member of the A.I.A. Denver Urban Design Committee.

In the concert hall, Casewit plays his classical-acoustic and electric-jazz violins. He is also a composer of motion film music scores and a noted recording artist.

Kenneth LaGreca , P.E., is a key affiliate, consultant and founding principal of Environmental Productions LLC. Since 1993, LaGreca has designed major projects with unique “constructible” solutions that harmoniously integrate building structure, architecture and landscape. In conjunction with his company Mountain Design Group L.L.C. in Evergreen, Colorado , LaGreca provides engineering design services and construction documents for Environmental Productions.

Outside the office, Ken enjoys backpacking and powder skiing.  LaGreca experiments with decorative pre-cast and insitu-concrete construction techniques, and designs tensile cable bridge prototypes.



Niccolo W. Casewit AIA –Design Architect

Kenneth W. LaGreca, P.E.

Our Office is centrally located at:
355 Lowell Blvd.
Denver, Colorado 80219 U.S.A.

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