ICA MENA EGYPT community training facility


BAYAD ( Beni Suef), EGYPT



The Institute of Cultural Affairs is an international non-profit organization dedicated to linking resources with people in need in over 40 countries world wide.  Community development is fostered through on site training seminars directed at helping people in developing countries help themselves.

The training center in Bayad, Egypt (a small town south of Cairo) was expanded in 1982 to house 26 trainees for the duration of the seminars.  Classroom space, a meeting hall, a community kitchen, and 14 bedrooms surround two traditional courtyards.

The building complex was designed to respond to harsh desert climate and the crude vernacular building techniques of the villagers.

Optimal cross ventilation, shaded walkways, are employed in the Arab tradition.  Limestone walls were utilized with cast concrete roofs reinforced with palm fibers.

Owner: ICA International Community Development

Sponsor: Ford Foundation

Project Designer: Niccolo Casewit

Completion Date: June 1982

Remarks: Services provided Pro bono

Project Reference: Timothy I. Wegner, Staff Leader, Institute of Cultural Affairs 4714 Rockwood St. Houston, TX  77004

Project Statistics: A total of 8,000 GSF of new construction at a cost of approximately $100,000 including in-kind labor from village craftsmen.



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