1996-99 Old Elitch Gardens Highlands Gardens Village Development

P.U.D. and Design Reviews

38th and Tennyson St., Denver, CO

As a neighborhood resident, Niccolo Casewit participated in over 30 meetings over a two-year period.  Casewit reviewed proposed drafts of zoning requirements and design guidelines and helped shape the final P.U.D. submitted by the developers, Chuck Perry and Jonathan Rose (and their consultants, Civitas as planners). Niccolo Casewit advised the developers, and members of the Design Committee.  Our input resulted in the creation of an unusual sustainable development model for the 27-acre site.  The P.U.D. was approved by Denver's City Council in 1998.   Single family homes, senior apartments, co-housing, and mixed commercial uses were innovatively combined.  Hailed as “new urbanism,” Peter Calthorpe's master plan have subsequently become a national model for “infill” development, influencing the local redevelopment of Lowry Air Force Base and at the Stapleton Development. 

 WHNA West Highlands Neighborhood Association,

Historic Elitch Gardens Design Committee

Niccolo Casewit: participant and citizen advisor to neighborhood group.

Project Reference: Ms. Mary Andries, Chairperson WHNA, Denver, CO




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