Harley Davidson Motorcycles RMHD Castle Rock

Rocky Mountain Harley-Davidson Service Shop and Showroom

Castle Rock, CO


This unusual utilitarian store and shop design features a hybrid pre-manufactured steel building married to the split block masonry entry element.  Block Stucco, and aluminum “reyno-bond” building skins were installed on-site.  A dramatic corner entry features a giant architectural element inspired by the trademark Harley Davidson “Twin-Vee” engine block.  Generous curtain walls and overhead doors help define building identity/ and functions. The two floors are naturally day-lit from above by full length transom windows at the roof.

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Owner/Developer: Ms. Kathy Yevoli, Principal

Contractor: By Owner as Prime with WedgeCore Metal Buildings                      

Architect of Record: Mountain Design Group L.L.C.

Project Team: Niccolo W. Casewit, A.I.A., Kenny LaGreca P.E., Arch., Tam Vo, Jeff Rodd EIT, ABS Consultants, Denver,  MEP engineering

Specifications By Design, Construction Specifications

Remarks: Features natural day lighting.

Project References:

Owners: Ms. Kathy Yevoli Principal, Rocky Mountain Harley Davidson Motor Company

Store Manager: Jay Seibel, Project Manager

Project Statistics:  Gross floor area:  11,140 SF on two floors with the storage mezzanines mezzanine.


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