Rolle Rueckwaerts

Feature Film,

Eisbaer Productions Austria


A feature film drama about life in a small Austrian village.  A teenage girl confronts provincial small town prejudices as a summer postal worker.  She meets a Swiss guest worker and falls in love.  A play on dialects and cultural differences becomes the motif for the film as personal discovery, independence, and self-expression are woven into the plot.

Financial support was given by the KJDF (Foundation for Young German Film) and was awarded the predicate “valuable” by the FBW (German Film Review, Wiesbaden ).  This was the first work written and directed by Josef Ehrenfellner.  The musical score was composed and performed by Niccolo Casewit.  The national reviewers noted:

“the cinematography and musical score achieved an elevated level:  The B & W work reaches a poetic quality and the dramatic incorporation of music, its recapitulation of similar themes and the instrumentation surpasses many current films made by young filmmakers . . .”

Direction and Script: Josef Ehrenfellner

Score: Niccolo Casewit

Cast: Michael Kutter, Wilma Kiener,  Lisa Fitz, Otto Gruenmandl et. Al.

Recordings: Mickey Hullihan Wind Over the Earth Boulder , Colorado

Project Reference:  Josef Ehrenfellner Munich Germany

“Rolle Rueckwaerts” (trans. “Back Flip”) 90 min. Feature (1982) Salzburg , Austria Premier,

Josef Ehrenfellner-EisBaer Productions, Original feature length drama Niccolo Casewit- Sound Track Composer and Recording Artist, Violinist . An independent B&W Dramatic film production by Writer and Director Josef Ehrenfellner- ( Josef Kluger ) , Munich Germany Awarded “valuable” “wertvoll praedikat ” rating by FBW (German Film Review) for “the dramatic integration and use of musical theme variations, and continuations, also instrumentation itself… a film far exceeding the productions of current young film makers…”

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